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Jupiter's transition to libra effects

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Jupiter is known as the most auspicious and biggest planet .According to Vedic astrology Jupiter the Devaguru is the significator  of wisdom, knowledge, wealth, finance, wealth, good physique, intelligence, divinity, spirituality, family, children, expansion and development, completion or totality and progress in all aspects. Jupiter takes 12 years to complete a circle around the zodiac belt, which means it  stays  approximately  one year in a particular sign. On this occasion Jupiter is transiting from Virgo to libra in 2017 on 12th September . Libra sign signifies relationship, trade, equality, partnership, worldly affairs and agreements .Libra is ruled by Venus. Jupiter is inimical towards  Venus ,but this will not affect Jupiter’s beneficial property. Jupiter make positive relationships ,partnership  and business may expand, spirituality and faith will spread ,but it varies according to your ascendant  and moon  sign. Now we can read the effects it brings to the different   zodiac signs